Daily Archives: 29 September 2010

Finding a company’s market value on Datastream

Follow these steps to find the market value of a set of companies via the Datastream Excel Add-In. Open Excel and click on ‘Add-In’ and then on ‘Datastream AFO’. Select ‘Static Request’ from the menu that appears. Click on the Navigator button. Set ‘Data Category’ to ‘Equities’. Search for the company by name. Click on… Read more

Using the Annotated Stock Chart on Capital IQ

To build a chart: Locate the company you are interested in. From the company’s Tearsheet, click on the ‘Annotated Stock Chart’ link in the left-hand side menu. Use the ‘Advanced Search’ and ‘Chart Options’ buttons to modify your selections.  You can add another company or an index to compare with, apply a technical analysis or… Read more