Advice on plagiarism: all you need to know in one place

Advice on plagiarism: all you need to know in one place

Every year some CJBS students are unaware that they have plagiarised in their academic work, others are more aware and are perhaps hoping they won’t get caught. Whether this is unintentional or intentional plagiarism the consequences can be very serious and investigations do take place. The University of Cambridge has a clear statement on plagiarism and you are expected to follow these rules during your period of study here.

University statement on plagiarism

Cambridge defines plagiarism as: “submitting as one’s own work, irrespective of intent to deceive, that which derives in part or in its entirety from the work of others without due acknowledgement. It is both poor scholarship and a breach of academic integrity.” Read the full University statement on plagiarism. There are 6 main types of plagiarism (as set out by the University) which it is your personal responsibility to understand and avoid.

Frequently asked questions

We often get the same types of questions about plagiarism and referencing, so we have put together a handy list of FAQs so that you can get a quick answer to some of your tricky questions or concerns when it comes to putting together your bibliography and citations.

Our FAQs are also available as a helpful podcast for you to listen to.

Zotero and the Harvard Referencing Style

Here at Judge we recommend you use Zotero to manage your references as you research.

Cite Them Right

An additional resource is the Cite Them Right website which offers guidance on constructing your citations and references in the Harvard style.

Plagiarism and referencing help

During Michaelmas Term we give a lecture on avoiding plagiarism and the importance of referencing. You can view the slides from this lecture on SlideShare and we have also filmed a video so you can refresh your referencing skills whenever you need to.

The Information & Library Service team are available to advise you on all aspects of referencing and plagiarism. If you have questions, please do get in touch with us.

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Georgina Cronin

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