Bloomberg Breakfasts – Week 3 is here!

Did you miss the chance to sign up for the first two weeks of our Bloomberg Breakfasts? Do you want to learn how to navigate one of our most in-depth and versatile databases, while enjoying coffee & biscuits on us? Then you’ll be glad to hear Week 3 of Bloomberg Breakfasts is here!

Sessions will run 8:00-8:45, Monday-Friday, from 6 November to 10 November. We will also run an extra session on Friday the 10th, from 9:00 to 9:45. Book your place here!

The most effective way of learning how to use Bloomberg is by trying it out, and you can do this with our expert guidance helping you along the way. We will work with you in a small group, here in the Information Centre, to help you become confident in navigating this comprehensive database. And all this before lectures start, ensuring you have that smug feeling for the rest of the day that you’re already ahead of the game.

During each Breakfast, we will cover:

• Exploring real time data

• Using essential commands

• Exporting and manipulating data

• Introducing Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification


Please note that Week 3 sessions are no different from the ones held during the first two weeks – so if you’ve already attended a Breakfast, there’s no need to sign up for a new one.

Miruna Fulgeanu

Miruna Fulgeanu

Miruna is the User Experience Librarian at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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