Where can I find economic data and reports?

A number of our databases provide economic data and reports:

ABI Inform Complete
This database provides reports and data from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Click on the Browse tab and scroll down to the Commodity Reports and Country Reports sections to see a list of the reports available.

Use the codes ESNP and ECST to retrieve economic statistic snapshots and data (including GDP, Consumer Price Index, unemployment rates etc.) for a range of countries.

Business Source Complete
This database provides economic reports from a range of different publishers including the EIU and OECD. To access these reports, click on Country Reports from the initial search screen and then select the country that you’re interested in.

Click on Economics in the ‘Data Category’ box and then on Economic reports/charts. Select the country that you’re interested and then the type of analysis (chart, data or report) that you would like in the ‘Analysis’ box. Click on the Run Now! button to view the data on screen.

From the front page of the database, click on ESDS Government, ESDS International, ESDS Longitudinal or ESDS Qualidata depending on the data you’re trying to access.

If you would like a demonstration of any of the above, get in contact with us on [email protected]  or simply drop by the Business Information Centre.

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Andrew Alexander

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