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Finding company profiles on Business Source Complete

To find a profile for a particular company: From the Advanced Search Screen, click on the Company Profiles link in the Browse column. Enter the name of the company in the Browse box.  You can enter all or part of the name. Click on the Browse button to view the list of results. Click on… Read more

Accessing country reports on Business Source Complete

To access country reports: In the ‘Advanced Search’ screen, click on ‘Country Reports’ under the Browse menu to the right. Reports can be browsed by country, region or publisher. Specific countries can be accessed immediately by typing their name into the search box. This information is also available as a video tutorial. Read more

Creating alerts on Business Source Complete

To set up a search alert: 1. Carry out a search as normal. 2.  Click on ‘Search History/Alerts’ in the top right of the screen and then on ‘Save Searches / Alerts’. 3.  Sign in to your personal account or click on ‘I’m a new user’ to register for one. 4.  Select ‘Alert’ in the… Read more