iPad apps for business and pleasure

So many people seem to have iPads these days, I thought I would cover some of the apps that I find most useful.

In this post, I list notetaking apps.  But I also maintain a much bigger list of business, news, task management, web browser and fun apps. Check back there please for regular updates.

I realise that ‘useful’ is personal and my favourites might not be yours, so do please let me know in the comments about any other apps you love.


Note Taker HD (£2.99)Note Taker HD allows you to write and organise handwritten notes and charts. Many excellent features.
Noteshelf (£3.99) Noteshelf allows you to take typed or handwritten notes, organise them into notebooks and upload them to Dropbox and Evernote and social media sites. Many excellent features.
iThoughtsHD (£6.99)iThoughts is an incredibly robust and intuitive mindmapping tool.
CloudOn (free)CloudOn allows you to view and edit Microsoft documents (stored in your Dropbox account) directly on your iPad.
Evernote (free)A simple but robust notetaking (typed and voice) app which syncs to your online Evernote account.
PlainText (free)PlainText is a simple plain-text editor with the ability to create and organise folders and to sync with Dropbox.

Again, please make sure to check out the complete list of apps I recommend.

Also:  I highly recommend this really good site for iPad app reviews.


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