Challenge yourself(ie) to access business information wherever you end up this Easter…

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Here’s hoping you go somewhere more exotic than we did!

You know that we’re there for you: whether you’re heading to the beach for a well-earned rest, or hitting the oilfields of Saudi Arabia for your GCP, you can access our databases on the go using your Raven password, and chat with us in real-time.

But this Easter, we‘re not content with that, we want to come with you!

Pick up one of our postcards before you pack your bags, and send us a selfie of you and the card wherever you end up this holiday. We’re looking for you to impress us with far-flung locations, originality and a sense of humour. We’ll be posting the best pics on Facebook, and letting you vote for the winner. Of course, there’ll be a prize!

So this vacation challenge yourself(ie) to access business information in exotic locales, landmark locations, or just plain odd places!

Tweet your pics to us @CJBSInfolib #challengeyourselfie, share them with us on Facebook, or email us [email protected].

Ange Fitzpatrick
Information & Library Services Manager
Ange Fitzpatrick
Ange Fitzpatrick

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