Tools for the end – New Media Review 3

In the New Media Review, we break down 3 tools that could help you personally and/or professionally. This month we’re being extra generous with no less than 5 tools aimed at helping you deal with the end of things, whether its collating your documents at the end of a project, rewarding yourself with a well-earned holiday or simply staying in touch with each other after you’ve gone your separate ways.

SmallPDF website

smallpdf and

So you’ve finished your course and you have all these documents. What can you do with them all? All of the above!

It is always a pain having lots of different PDFs, but never fear, you can merge them easily and quickly. Smallpdf is useful as a one-stop-shop to convert files from and into PDF format. It really doesn’t take any time at all and any images in the file look just as good when converted. If you want to merge different file types, use instead.

There’s no need to create an account and you simply download the file from the website, which is also pretty fast. There are adverts and it does ask for a donation, but it doesn’t get in the way too much. An instantly bookmarkable website!

Nerdy Day Trips map

Nerdy Day Trips

So you’re on your much needed holiday, but where to go? Nerdy Day Trips may have the answer, especially for those little-known places.

It instantly recognises where you are, or you can look for different locations that you may be interested in. The map is worldwide, but most of the locations are in the UK or the US. The search function doesn’t work unless you’re already zoomed in; it recognises postcodes and place names.

The more it is used, the more places you will find on the map and you can add your own! 


Twimfeed and Swayy

Lastly, how to stay in touch with everyone once you’ve gone your separate ways? With social media, it’s easy!

Twimfeed shows you just the tweets from those you follow that include images. They’re usually the most interesting anyway. This includes retweets and it also shows you your own images. However, as a small warning, it can take a little while to load.

Swayy shows you Facebook and Twitter content on 5 topics of your choice, or it can analyse your account for topics relevant to you. It was actually quite accurate for me when I used it! You can easily share the content with your network.

So there’s no excuse not to keep in contact with people that matter to you and these tools make it simple for you.

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