Quick and easy market and country data with WMI

  • Want to compare markets across countries?
  • Don’t have time to download and analyse data?
  • Unsure of which database to use?

World Market Intelligence (WMI) makes it easier than ever before to analyse data, by creating custom graphs, charts and spreadsheets.

You can compare market data across countries, choosing from a range of industries and subsectors. For example, if you’re looking at food, analyse by types of retail, specialist produce, even the instant noodle industry!


Delve deep into a country’s macroeconomic data to find relationships and correlations. Try plotting life expectancy against healthy life years. Discover key global indicators and other economic values such as tourism expenditure.

Take away the data via an Excel spreadsheet, or visually in a range of charts.


WMI can be accessed remotely wherever you are using your Raven login, and provides reports and data on:

  • International markets
  • Countries
  • Cities

Reports can be downloaded in full as PDFs, or check out the informative and highly visual country and market dashboards for a quick overview.

So why not try WMI today! If you need any more help or advice using any of our databases, contact us over instant chat or by email.

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