The new Boost Collection: because, sometimes, we all need a bit of a boost

Over the last few weeks, a selection of new books have slowly been creeping onto the Information Centre’s library shelves… These are a little different to the academic volumes that normally arrive through our doors. These are happy books, understanding books… sometimes a little bit sweary books.

The new Boost Collection is made up of some forty books, all of which promise to boost their readers in one way or another.  There are humorous books to lift your spirits; books offering support through mental health issues; recipe and fitness books to help with a bodily boost – which is not to say that these are necessarily healthy books, since now that the clean eating movement is losing momentum, we’re feeling justified in whipping up a big batch of mug cakes!

Just a few of the recent additions to the new Boost Collection!

A few other highlights from our new collection:

Enid Blyton, Five Go on a Strategy Away Day

Once upon a time, Julian took up a job with the large multinational, Lupiter Fϋnckstein, and hired his four best friends to work alongside him. Today, they’re heading out of London for their annual Strategy Away Day in the countryside, but how will the day end? Will Julian get over his hatred of team-building exercises? Is everyone indeed happier to be part of a team when they’ve had a couple of pints? And, crucially, will the famous five still be friends when it’s time to go home?

Sarah Knight, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

Remember this time last year when the KonMarie Movement was gaining some significant momentum, leading all of us to ask ourselves whether we too should be throwing out any of our possessions that no longer “gave us joy”? If the feelings of guilt that, ten months on, your home remains as disorganised and cluttered as ever, then you’re in need of Sarah Knight’s NotSorry Method. The approach is simple: take an object, a task, or a person, and ask “does it annoy?”. If it does, that thing is no longer worthy of your giving a f*ck. Let Knight help you manage your f*ck budget.

The Man Who Has it All, From Frazzled to Fabulous

‘“If it were up to me, I’d have at least one man at every boardroom table. I love men. They are such fascinating creatures.” – Sally, CEO’; ‘Men! If you speak up in a meeting and want to be taken seriously, dress smart but not too smart, stay calm and avoid appearing too ambitious’. If either of these statements sound uncannily familiar, you’re sure to enjoy the rest of the hilarious topsy-turvy advice offered by the Man Who Has it All.

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