Make your work into artwork – free food for fun research!

Spring is here, the birds are singing, the UX librarian is offering you free food in exchange for some strange and fun research.

The Information & Library Services team is always looking for new ways to improve our service, and we think answering dozens of surveys is often not the right way to get this feedback (also it’s boring).

Enter our new User Experience study – where we ask you to draw* a map. The map should be a representation of your physical and digital learning/working spaces, as well as how these relate to each other, and will be followed by an interview. You’re only allowed to spend 6 minutes on the map, while the interview should only last around 10 minutes; so we’re asking for about 20 minutes of your time in exchange for some (delicious) doughnuts and the chance to win a Ā£20 Pizza Express voucher. Plus, you might even learn something about your own working patterns!

Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Drop me an email at [email protected] to say you’re interested, and we’ll find a time that works for you.

*It doesn’t have to be any more than some squares and arrows (unless you want it to!) so don’t feel like any artistic skills are required šŸ™‚

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