Happy World Book Day!

We love celebrating all things “book,” so we couldn’t pass on creating a collection to help you celebrate World Book Day. What would be better than providing online access to some of the 100 best sellers of all time (as calculated by The Guardian)?

Well… it turns out that academic libraries don’t really collect (even as ebooks) the top 100 best sellers. Instead, we collect scholarship about the best sellers. So, here for your reading pleasure are some books about books to give you a new perspective on the bestseller list.

Please note: if you select a book that is a collection of essays about more than one book, you can find the essay you want by using the ebook platform’s search options to search for the author’s name.

The books can be used by any member of the University, just click the cover below and use your Raven ID to login. Or access them from iDiscover, just like your reading list texts, if you prefer to go that way.

Melendra Sanders

Melendra Sanders

Deputy Information & Library Services Manager