Where can I find company filings?

You can access company filings in full text on three of our databases:


  1. Enter the name of the company in the command line. Bloomberg’s predictive text functionality will suggest a list of matching companies. Select the relevant one.
  2. Type CF and then hit the <GO> key.
  3. A list of the company’s filings will appear on the screen. The list can be limited by form type (e.g. 10-K) and by date.
  4. Click on a filing in the list to access the full-text.

Capital IQ

  1. Click on the Company Intelligence tab and then on Filings & Annual Reports.
  2. Use the search criteria to find filings from one particular company or for all companies within a specified time period. You can also limit the type of filing you’re looking for and the source in the Advanced Search Options.
  3. To download a filing, tick the box to the left of it (you can download multiple filings simultaneously) and then click on Options.

Thomson ONE Banker

  1. Enter the name of the company you’re interested in into the Companies box (in the top left hand corner of the screen) and click on Go.
  2. Click on the relevant company and then on Filings (left hand menu).
  3. A list of filings for that company will appear. The Display Format column shows the whether the filing is available as a HTML file, PDF or Word document. Click on one of the icons in this column to access the full-text.

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