Retrieving a company’s share price on Datastream

Datastream provides access to an extensive historical archive of international company and economic data, which can be exported to Excel.

To retrieve a time series of a company’s share price:

  1. Open Excel, click on ‘Add-ins’, ‘Datastream-AFO’ and then on ‘Time Series Request’. Click on the Navigator button
  2. Click on ‘Set Criteria’ and search by company name, e.g. ‘Marks & Spencer’. Click on ‘Search’. Click on the appropriate company from the results list. ‘MKS’ appears in the search window.
  3. Click on the ‘Datatype Picker’ button Type in ‘price’ in the ‘Find’ box at the top of the screen and click on ‘Filter/Search’. Choose ‘P’  Price (Adjusted Default).
  4. Modify the frequency (i.e. daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly) plus the start and end dates as appropriate. Click on ‘Submit’.

This information is also available as a video tutorial.

Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander

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