IBIS World: keeping an eye(BIS) on industry research

cogsIBIS World is a sparkling new industry market research database we acquired this summer. Whilst it provides plenty of consumer market research information like Passport, IBIS World really fills a vital gap by primarily focusing on industrial market research.

Through IBIS World you can explore the competitive landscape within a particular sector, take a look at an industry’s current performance and outlook, and investigate the supply chains which shape that industry.

Data and statistics are readily available. In fact one of its particular strengths and unique features is the easily exportable business-to-business data it contains (e.g. trade between food manufacturers to supermarkets).

IBIS World provides market research for the UK, US, China and Australia, giving you access to some of the biggest markets worldwide.  You will find that IBIS World is organised by SIC codes. However, in no way should this put you off as it easy to search through key words right from its homepage. So, why not give a try?


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Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander

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