Bloomberg – easier than you think

Bloomberg user

Feeling intimidated?

Bloomberg is one of the world’s leading financial databases, with global coverage, yet the famous twin screen terminals with their colourful data on black backgrounds may seem intimidating to the first-time user. However don’t be put off, we guarantee that once you give it a try and invest a bit of time you’ll find it surprisingly easy to use.

How do I get started?

Once you are logged in (follow the instructions beside the terminals) you can just start typing and the predictive text will suggest options.

Can I export Bloomberg data?

Yes, into Excel as static data, or you can import from Excel using the Bloomberg add-in to source dynamic data (which will update each time you open the spreadsheet at the terminal).

Need more help?

Press the green <HELP> button twice for instant chat,  type in ‘BU’ 24/7 for the  Bloomberg University help section, or ask us for help at the desk.  We also have a simple guide to get you started and a cheatsheet containing the common codes you will need to find news, economic statistics, forecasts, equities, charts and more.

There follows a brief description of the huge amount of content that Bloomberg has to offer:

Industry and market info

  • Real-time and historical data
  • Interactive charts
  • More than 100 industries and all major sectors

Company and financial info

  • 420,000 equities
  • More than 20 years of financial data often back to IPO
  • Financial charts, annual reports

Economic and country info

  • Economics and statistics for more than 170 countries
  • Want to know the GDP for Yemen? No problem
  • You can monitor economic conditions, see how different countries are weathering the financial and/or political crises


  • Exclusive coverage from more than 2,300 journalists globally
  • 90,000 sources: 1,000 news sources in 30+ languages

There’s no question that Bloomberg has it all and it’s easier to use than you think.

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