Too much information, too little time

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in information? Do you need help organising both your data and your time?

If so, there are many web-based applications that can help, accessible from either your smartphone or a browser.

To-do-list and task organisers

  • Remember the Milk – a popular online to-do-list and task management tool
  • Todoist – a more customisable alternative to Remember the Milk
  • Nozbe – another online tasks and notes management tool, great for shared projects.

Read later tools

Online post-it notes


  • Xmarks – keep your bookmarks in sync when you use more than one computer
  • Delicious – store and organise websites with this social bookmarking tool
  • Diigo – an alternative social bookmarking site.

Let us know how you get on with them and which one is your favourite, or if you can recommend one that we haven’t mentioned.

Post by Claudia Luna (and updated by Meg Westbury)

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