Your Passport to the world’s markets

Passport GMID (from Euromonitor) is a great international market and industry database, incorporating full-text reports and individual data series.  As well as market reports, Passport GMID offers information on emerging markets, country reports, company profiles, statistics and detailed demographics. Its market information falls into three categories: consumer, industrial and services.

You can keep up to date with your preferred market sectors via regular industry-specific articles and forecasts.  It is easy to find a historic market size, say, on fruit  (China is the world’s largest fresh fruit market).  Maybe instead, you want to find out the largest oil and natural gas producer in Central Europe? Passport GMID has the answer for you (Romania).

The database has informative podcasts/videocasts and excellent graphics as well. Make sure you check out their amazing ‘dashboards’ as well to see at a glance what’s happening in different markets around the world.

On Passport you can learn about the latest consumer trends, income and expenditure in various countries, consumer behaviour – and much, much more! So why not check-in today?

Natasha Pivnenko

Natasha Pivnenko

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