A new way to benchmark UK companies

A new way to benchmark UK companies

RulersNeed to measure a  UK company’s performance against its competitors? It’s simple! Just use the new Key Note benchmarking tool.

How do I generate a benchmark report?

1. Easy way – directly from a market report.

Choose a report that you are interested in (say, “Internet & Telephone Banking 2013”). Click on League Tables chapter and then on “Export to Benchmark”. You can add or remove companies to refine the list if needed.

2. Adventurous way – create your own list of companies.

Click on “Company Information” section and then on “List Builder” tab. Choose your criteria (company type, incorporation date, principal activity, SIC code, turnover, operating profit, geographic location, etc.). Then click on “Benchmark” button to compare the performance of the selected companies (up to 200 at a time). View the report online or export it to Excel.

3. Precise way – if you have a list of company numbers (assigned by Companies House).

Choose “Company Information” section and then go to “Benchmarking” tab. Type in a list of company numbers, click “Submit” – and it’s done!

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