Easy ESG: finding environmental, social and governance data on Bloomberg and Datastream

It is easier than ever to incorporate ESG data into your analysis using Bloomberg & Datastream in the Business Information Centre


On Bloomberg simply type  ESG <GO> to find a good reference guide, helpful tutorials, plus 17 adaptable sample screens that show how to leverage ESG data in conjunction with traditional fundamental data.

Bloomberg provides 4 key ESG templates:

ESG Snapshot – display key data for equities

  • Scorecard – review company performance
  • Valuation Tool  – assess the impact of ESG costs against earnings performance data and share price
  • Country Risk – evaluate company activities in the context of country risk rankings


Essential ESG templates include:

  • ESG-Asset4 Sector-Industry Analysis – select a range of ESG data items and perform sector/industry analysis across peer groups
  • ESG Asset4 Company Analysis – integrate ESG data with traditional financial metrics

By incorporating ESG metrics into your analysis, you can develop a more complete picture of company performance and likely future performance.

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Cath Martin

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