Bloomberg: see what others miss

You probably already know that Bloomberg can graph financial data, you may even know you can use its interactive mapping to follow live shipping, but did you know you can watch and analyse what’s happening in business news right now?

The Featured section of Bloomberg news combines trusted Bloomberg data and analysis, with a range of news sources and opinions on world business stories.

Check out dedicated pages covering:

  • Euro Debt Crisis TOP CRIS <Go>
  • UK Budget TOP UKBU <Go>
  • Gold’s Recovery MNI GLD <Go>

All can be explored in detail, through text and video news sources. Our dual screen terminals allowing you to view live price changes, whilst absorbing context and analysis from the world’s news.

Bloomberg is such a comprehensive and flexible news source, that you can pull together a bespoke page by topic on everything from real estate to antiques trading.

It’s not just for business- check out MUSE <Go> for the latest in culture. It’s even possible to track your favourite sports team, perfect for the Stanley Cup Playoffs… NI CANUCKS <Go> anyone? eh?

Ange Fitzpatrick
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