On the look-out for past projects and dissertations?

reading a dissertationWant to look at past years’ student dissertations and projects?  Then come to the Information Centre!

What do we have?
We have paper copies of PhD first year reports, MPhil, MST and MBA dissertations/projects. You can find lists of past years projects at the Library Desk and on the Intranet. Please ask staff to fetch them for you. Electronic copies of some of the projects are available on the Intranet in full text to be viewed or downloaded – mostly MBA (1999-2010) & EMBA (2011-2012) projects, but also some MPhil dissertations in ISO and Technology Policy (2012).

N.B.  Some of the projects require authors’ permission to consult them, in those cases we’ll provide you with their email addresses to obtain permission.

Can I borrow them?
All projects are reference only – you can read them in the Information Centre, but they have to be returned by the end of staffed hours.

What about PhD theses?
Paper copies of PhD theses are in open access on the Mezzanine floor (next to the journals) so there is no need to request them. You can read PhD theses, also reference only, at any time.


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Natasha Pivnenko
Information & Library Assistant





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