Expert analysis with Investext

If you are preparing for an interview, need in-depth knowledge of a company or want specialist information on a particular sector, try Investext.

Please note that Investext is available as part of Thomson One. Click on ‘Research’ and you will find broker reports. These reports are by analysts who investigate the health of the company or sector for those who are invested in it.


It offers full-text broker/analyst reports from names you can trust including:

  • MorningStar
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley

These are premium reports, providing extensive and detailed analysis. They would normally cost thousands of pounds.


The reports cover more than 30,00 firms worldwide, but there are also reports on specific industry sectors. The research is current; you may even find a report from yesterday!

Investext also provides financial analysis, annual reports and company filings.

This database only works with Internet Explorer.

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton

Information & Library Assistant