Snuggle up with one of our DVDs

Well hello to you our hard-working friends. What’s been going on in your lives?! Now back to us.

Did you know that since last we met our – what I call – incredible DVD collection keeps on growing?! We choose wisely from the best TV series (like Call the Midwife), the funniest comedians (like Miranda) and the latest films (like…The Avengers, Brave and Looper). We also welcome donations – thanking you.

The DVDs live together, that sounds weird, by the desk near the entrance and they can be borrowed, requested and renewed in the same way as books. Good word, book. A full catalogue is available on our Pinterest page and Library Search. Brillopads!

Why not take a much-needed break with one of our DVDs? It really is an offer you can’t refuse. Such fun!

Bear with: In accordance with British law these films and TV series are for personal use only and may not be borrowed for public viewing in the School’s lecture theatres.


Sarah Burton as Miranda Hart

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton

Information & Library Assistant