Tune up your Twitter!

Last week we ran a teaching session entitled ‘Tune up your Twitter’ for members of the business school, many of whom had previously attended a ‘Twitter for New Tweeters’ basics session. This more advanced session was intended to showcase tools to help you enhance and manage your Twitter presence.

As the session was live-tweeted, it was also ‘attended’ beyond Cambridge.

As well as heavily promoting HootSuite as the best of the currently available platforms for managing your Twitter channels (tweets, mentions, DMs, search alerts, lists) we also introduced a range of invaluable tools to help you: search for tweets more effectively; analyse your twitter account; schedule your tweets; and identify top tweeters in your area of interest. These tools are detailed below.

N.B. We are always available to get any Cambridge Judge student or staff member started on Twitter or to offer advice on how to make this tool work for you. Just email: [email protected].

Statigr.amStatigr.am searches Instagram pictures that have been shared on Twitter. You can search images by hashtag or person. Fantastic for seeing events as they happen.
WeFollowWeFollow is a great way to find the top tweeters in a subject area, based on the site’s proprietary ‘prominence score.’ You can further refine your search results by changing the ‘Prominence Score’ slider or clicking
TwubsTwubs is a great way of following the thread of a Twitter conversation by pulling together all the tweets with a particular hashtag in an easy-to-read format.
Storify Storify is a curation tool which allows you to bundle social-media content (such as Tweets, photos, FaceBook entries, videos) on a topic and publish it as a professional-looking site. Great for summarising an event, Storify-stories are easy to create and share socially.
TwitonomyTwitonomy gives you useful information about your activity on Twitter, such as how many Tweets you write per day, who retweets you, who you most reply to, which hashtags you use and which of your tweets were retweeted most. You can also compare your stats to other Twitter users.
TweriodTweriod helps you decide the best time to Tweet by telling you when your followers are most online. You get one free report per month and the time zone is set to the one on your Twitter profile (so make sure that it is set correctly!).
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