App watch – with Andy and Georgina

As incredible as it feels in the hands, I'm eager to get a case for it.

We enjoy testing out new and shiny apps here at Information & Library Services. So much so that we thought we’d write a blogpost about it and share our knowledge with you lovely people.

First up is Andy, I&LS Manager, who tested out some rather nifty apps:

1. Clear Untitled-1

Andy says: ‘A productivity app I might actually keep using beyond one week. Stylish, simple, uncluttered and not too intimidating.’

2. Snap ClapUntitled-2

Andy says: ‘Does exactly what you’d expect. Position your device, position yourself, clap your hands and after a brief delay it snaps. Sorted.’

Untitled-33. Yahoo! News Digest

Andy says: ‘News has never been more breathtakingly or beautifully presented than this. Forget their old search engine this is Yahoo reborn!’

Untitled-44. Open Table

Andy says: ‘Previously called Top Table, this is a neat way of finding out which restaurants are near you and booking tables at them. The price guidance is also useful.’

Untitled-55. Fragment

Andy says: ‘A cool new app for editing photos using geometric shapes and patterns. Although on reflection maybe Judge is already geometric enough.’

Georgina, the User Experience Librarian, also had a play with some shiny new apps and this is what she found out:

Untitled-61. Post-It Plus

Georgina says: ‘As someone who does lots of group work with Post-It notes, this is an amazing way of capturing what everyone has written and saving it for later’

Untitled-72. Pocket

Georgina says: ‘This is a fab way of saving interesting articles and fun stuff from places like Twitter for you to file and read later on your device’

Untitled-83. Hanx Writer

Georgina says: ‘Feel like taking notes with a retro feel? Tom Hanks (yes that one) has created this fun typewriter app, which I find makes touchscreen typing a lot easier!’

Untitled-94. Skitch

Georgina says: ‘A brilliant app from Evernote which lets you annotate pictures and maps with text, arrows and other stuff. Really useful memory saver’

Untitled-105. TED

Georgina says: ‘Everyone has heard of all the great TED talks that are out there but their app is really good too. Fab for some inspirational downtime while on the move’


So we hope you find these apps useful. Let us know what you think and if you agree with us. Have you got any fantastic apps you think we should be using? Let us know in the comments!