“Wow! I didn’t know there’d be so much information!”

You might not believe it, but 10 minutes with a librarian might help land you that job you want. Yes, seriously!

Two business men shaking hands at international business meeting.

Those databases of ours can do more than bring you the latest scholarship; market research from across the globe; and live share prices – those databases can help you nail your job interview. During our careers consultations, we’ve helped students prepare for jobs with big names like Amazon and Google, in the petrochemical sector and pharmaceuticals. We’ve even helped with the Brazilian fashion industry and real estate in Hong Kong! Students are always impressed by the wealth of information out there, and by how easy it is to find.

So, here’s what you can find in ten minutes, to help you rattle off the right answer to those tough interview questions. Roll your sleeves up, and head on over to our databases list.

In ten minutes, you can:

1. Open up Business Source Complete, and click on Company Profiles in the right hand browse section and pick up a MarketLine report for the company you are interviewing with.
That report will cover products, competitors, company analysis and outlook. So you’ll know what to say when they ask you which of their products or services is your favourite!

2. Head on over to Capital IQ or Mergent and pull up the key financials for your company.
Even if you’re not going for a finance job, a quick skim of a company’s tearsheet will give you an idea of the trading conditions, and the financial trends faced by the company. Don’t forget to get the latest stock price on the day of your interview.

3. Check the news for the latest stories on your company, for that you can use your FT.com subscription, or for a wider outlook, try Factiva.

It’s crucial that you’re in the know about any breaking news to do with your company, and this is where Factiva is crucial. It covers mainstream news and trade publications, giving you an invaluable view from the front line.

You’ve got a little more time? Excellent! Let’s cast our net a bit wider:

4. Head over to Passport to find market research data and reports to discover what consumers think of your company and its products.

Market research is a great way for you to stand out by knowing the stories behind the figures; it means you can explain why Company X performs poorly in the North American market, because of established competitors, differing consumer preferences, etc.

5. Find out about the industry or sector your company is in.

IBIS World offers a range of industry reports and analysis, allowing you to find out how mature your industry is, what the barriers to entry are, and whether your company is an emerging player, or an established heavyweight.

6. Last, but very important if you’re looking for a finance position, read what brokers and analysts are saying about your company using Mergent Investext.

These are premium broker reports, from top companies like Morningstar, Credit Suisse and UBS, and you will impress your interviewer when you know what the mood is on the trading floor!

These few steps will give you the latest information on every aspect of the company you are interviewing with, leaving you confident that you’ll have the knowledge to impress even the toughest interviewer.

Good luck, and don’t forget you can always book a career consultation with us if you need help finding information for your interview.

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