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Accessing Market Reports on Passport GMID

To find a report: From the Latest Reports section on the front page, click on more. Reports can be filtered by geography or industry sector by selecting an option from the drop-down menus. You can also search for Global Reports, Country Reports or Company Profiles by filtering by type or sub type. To see a… Read more

Finding a company’s market value on Datastream

Follow these steps to find the market value of a set of companies via the Datastream Excel Add-In. Open Excel and click on ‘Add-In’ and then on ‘Datastream AFO’. Select ‘Static Request’ from the menu that appears. Click on the Navigator button. Set ‘Data Category’ to ‘Equities’. Search for the company by name. Click on… Read more

Using the Annotated Stock Chart on Capital IQ

To build a chart: Locate the company you are interested in. From the company’s Tearsheet, click on the ‘Annotated Stock Chart’ link in the left-hand side menu. Use the ‘Advanced Search’ and ‘Chart Options’ buttons to modify your selections.  You can add another company or an index to compare with, apply a technical analysis or… Read more

Using the Screening Tool on Capital IQ

Capital IQ’s screening tool allows you to generate a list of companies by selecting a range of criteria such as a particular country and industry. Under the ‘Screening & Analytics’ tab, click on ‘Companies’. Click on ‘Geographic Locations’. Locate the country you’re interested in by clicking on the + symbols or by entering a keyword… Read more

Downloading articles as a PDF in Factiva

Factiva is a global news database covering major newspapers, magazines and trade journals. It provides up-to-the-minute content and over 20 years of archived material. To download a number of articles as a single PDF: Enter your search criteria and click on Run Search. Tick the box next to any articles you want to download (articles… Read more

Retrieving a company’s share price on Datastream

Datastream provides access to an extensive historical archive of international company and economic data, which can be exported to Excel. To retrieve a time series of a company’s share price: Open Excel, click on ‘Add-ins’, ‘Datastream-AFO’ and then on ‘Time Series Request’. Click on the Navigator button Click on ‘Set Criteria’ and search by company… Read more

Finding company profiles on Business Source Complete

To find a profile for a particular company: From the Advanced Search Screen, click on the Company Profiles link in the Browse column. Enter the name of the company in the Browse box.  You can enter all or part of the name. Click on the Browse button to view the list of results. Click on… Read more

Accessing country reports on Business Source Complete

To access country reports: In the ‘Advanced Search’ screen, click on ‘Country Reports’ under the Browse menu to the right. Reports can be browsed by country, region or publisher. Specific countries can be accessed immediately by typing their name into the search box. This information is also available as a video tutorial. Read more

Browsing reports by market sector on Key Note

Key Note provides full-text market research reports for a variety of industries within the UK. To browse reports in a particular market sector: Click on ‘Market Intelligence’ and then ‘Market Sectors’. Select a sector from the A-Z list. A list of relevant reports will appear. Click on the title of a report to view an… Read more

Searching for a journal using [email protected]

Use the [email protected] database to find out whether a particular journal is available electronically in Cambridge. Start typing the title of the journal into the search box. The predictive text function will suggest a list of titles. Click on the relevant one and then on the ‘find journals by title’ button. The results list will… Read more