Browsing publications on ABI Inform Complete

ABI Inform Complete from Proquest provides e-journals in business and management plus industry, country, company and market research reports.

Follow these steps to find a particular publication on this database.

  1. Click on ‘Publications’ at the top of the main page.
  2. Enter the title or part of the title (e.g. Economist) in the ‘Publication search’ box. Click on the Search button to view the list of results. Alternatively click on the starting letter of the publication to browse the list.
  3. Click on the publication that meets your requirements. The Publications page will open.
  4. Click on ‘Show format availability’ to see what issues are available in full text
  5. You can browse individual issues by choosing a specific year and month.
  6. From this page you can also perform a basic search within the publication as well as advanced search.
  7. Use the online Help available from the main page to learn how to search more effectively.

This information is also available as a video tutorial.

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton

Information & Library Assistant