Zotero: a new dawn of referencing

Are you fed up of manually keeping track of your references? Are you finding Endnote clunky and complicated? Are you looking for an easy and convenient alternative?

Then you should try Zotero.  This web application proves that using reference software can be as simple as making a cup of tea…
Zotero is free and is in our opinion one of the most valuable reference tools currently available.

What can Zotero do for you?

  • Cite as you write: insert citations and create bibliographies as your write
  • Save as you browse: save almost anything you find on the web
  • Archive webpages: save screenshots of pages
  • Online backup: access your references from anywhere and keep them on sync
  • Add notes: keep your annotations together with your  references
  • Get organised: organise your references into collections

N.B. You can choose to download original Zotero (for Firefox browsers only) or the new Zotero Standalone which works on all browsers.

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