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Accessing business ratio reports on Key Note

Business Ratio reports allow you to compare and analyse the financial performance of the leading companies within a specific UK industry. To access these reports: 1. From the left-hand side menu, click on ‘Company Information’ and select ‘Business Ratios’. 2. Click on ‘Browse Reports’ and then select an industry sector from the list. 3. A… Read more

Creating charts on Datastream

The Scenario Testing function on Datastream, allows you to create customisable charts using data such as that from equities, indices and country economics. To create a chart on Datastream: Click on ‘Scenario Testing’ in the ‘Analysis’ box in the bottom left of the screen. Under ‘Series and Dates,’ hover the mouse over the arrow next… Read more

Generating company peer reports on FAME

FAME allows you to compare a company’s financial performance against a set of other companies. To generate a company peer report: Search using ‘Company name’ and highlight the relevant company. Click on the right arrow to select it and click on the ‘OK’ button. From the top row of tabs, select the ‘Peer Report’ tab.… Read more