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Accessing Market Reports on Passport GMID

To find a report: From the Latest Reports section on the front page, click on more. Reports can be filtered by geography or industry sector by selecting an option from the drop-down menus. You can also search for Global Reports, Country Reports or Company Profiles by filtering by type or sub type. To see a… Read more

Using the Annotated Stock Chart on Capital IQ

To build a chart: Locate the company you are interested in. From the company’s Tearsheet, click on the ‘Annotated Stock Chart’ link in the left-hand side menu. Use the ‘Advanced Search’ and ‘Chart Options’ buttons to modify your selections.  You can add another company or an index to compare with, apply a technical analysis or… Read more

Using the Screening Tool on Capital IQ

Capital IQ’s screening tool allows you to generate a list of companies by selecting a range of criteria such as a particular country and industry. Under the ‘Screening & Analytics’ tab, click on ‘Companies’. Click on ‘Geographic Locations’. Locate the country you’re interested in by clicking on the + symbols or by entering a keyword… Read more

Finding market sizes on Passport GMID

To find the market size for a particular sector: 1. Hover the mouse over the red ‘Search’ button in the top left-hand corner of the screen and select ‘Menu Search’. 2. Type a keyword into the ‘Find Category’ box and click on ‘Go’. 3. Any industries matching your keyword will be highlighted in red. Tick… Read more

Where can I find company filings?

You can access company filings in full text on three of our databases: Bloomberg 1. Enter the name of the company in the command line. Bloomberg’s predictive text functionality will suggest a list of matching companies. Select the relevant one. 2. Type CF and then hit the <GO> key. 3. A list of the company’s… Read more