EIU country reports from our databases

EIU country reports from our databases

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) country, industry and risk analysis reports are well-known and highly regarded by specialists.

You can get some free data from the EIU website after registration, but not premium reports.

Question: Where can I get this EIU data?
Answer: On ABI Inform Complete, Business Source Complete  and Factiva.

ABI Inform Complete

Country reports:

The last two can be browsed by subject, location or date. The reports include information on tax rates, monetary policy, GDP, economic indicators and much more.

Commodity reports:

Browse reports on global commodity trends that are available monthly for the last four years.

Business Source Complete

To access EIU country reports choose Country Reports from the menu on  the right and then select the country that you’re interested in.



Select Source and search for EIU then choose from Economist Intelligence Unit – Country Commerce, Country Finance, Executive Briefing, Risk Briefing, ViewsWire. Then select Region and choose a country.



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