Say hello to better access to ebooks

Say hello to better access to ebooks

There are many ways to access ebooks, from reading lists to QR codes. But access to ebooks has just got even easier.


Did you know the majority of the ebooks available to you from across the University can now be found on LibrarySearch? When searching, look out for the ebooks icon above the results list. New ebooks are being added all the time.

[email protected]

However you can search specifically for ebooks via the [email protected] page. This site offers lots of useful information and links to free ebooks.

QR codes

You can also access ebooks from the Information Centre’s bookshelves, simply by scanning the QR code.

Improved access to ebooks means there is no need to search different ebook platforms; there is one click access using the methods above.



Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander

Andrew is the Deputy Information & Library Services Manager at Cambridge Judge Business School
Andrew Alexander

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